Tina Knight - Accredited LAR Coach

Address: Ringley Road, Stoneclough, Radcliffe, M26 1FS
Telephone: 07968785486

About Me:

Hi, my name is Tina Knight and I am your local LAR Coach.

I live in Bolton with my husband and two grown up sons.

I have been self employed for over 32 years and my job means that I rarely switch off, add being a mum to very busy young boys (at the time), topped with several bereavements lead me to suffer a horrific panic attack in my sleep. I ended up in A&E not knowing what had hit me! This then led to the start of generalised anxiety, I had no understanding of what was happening to me and sometimes I thought I was losing my mind, doctors offered no advice or support other than medication, which I refused.

Other than my husband and my mum, I kept my condition quiet as I felt weak and ashamed, my coping mechanism was to withdraw from the world, I started to say no to social events because I would feel so awful, I started to work from home to avoid work situations, I began to fear travelling until finally I knew if I wanted a full and happy life, and to be part of my children's life, then I had to make the change. I desperately wanted to free myself from this prison that was anxiety.

After doing some extensive research, I found The Linden Method and just reading Charles story gave me the courage to sign up to the programme and the rest is history, my life changed considerably, I took on new work challenges, I joined a women's group which introduced me to travel and new creative activities, my relationships with my family and friends where much happier.

I hope that by sharing my story it will give you the confidence to join The Linden Method and hopefully I will be here to take you through every step, until you too are anxiety free.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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