Marisa Ballantyne - Accredited LAR Coach

Address: Jersey
Telephone: +44 7797 759569

About Me:

Hi, my name is Marisa Ballantyne and I am your local LAR Coach.

Originally from Newcastle I now live in Jersey, Channel Islands

Emotional health and well-being has always been of interest to me. I feel a pull towards helping people to achieve emotional balance in their life and in particular to those who in one way or another struggle with this.

During the course of my career, voluntary work and in life generally I am struck by the number of people who suffer with anxiety. Over the years, I have supported family members, friends and colleagues who struggle with the debilitating symptoms of anxiety in the best way I could. I have listened countless times to how they have been given a higher dose of medication to counteract their anxiety or another round of CBT. At best, I have seen them reaching a point where they accept the presence of anxiety in their life and learn to cope with it, this is not recovery. I have felt sadness for those who continue to battle daily with their anxiety and the impact it has on their life. I have felt frustration that I could not do more to help. I have thought over and over there must be something more to help people to recover from anxiety.

Whilst talking to a colleague they told me about their own journey out of anxiety using The Linden Method. They described the method as a “game changer” and without it they most certainly would not have made it to where they are now. The “curative results” as they were described led me on my own journey to find out more about the method and subsequently to become a LAR Coach. The structure behind the programme aligns with my own beliefs around emotional health and my desire to help others to live an anxiety free life.

The Linden Method will help you to make sense of your anxiety and the steps you can take to eliminate it. As your LAR Coach I want to support you in your own journey to live your best life free of anxiety.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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