Lawrence Gregory - Suffolk - Accredited LAR Practitioner

Address: Speedwell Close, Pakefield, Suffolk, NR33 7DU
Telephone: 07454 736055

About Me:

Hi, my name is Lawrence Gregory - Suffolk and I am your local LAR Coach.

I'm Lawrence Gregory and I want to tell you a little bit about my experience with anxiety and why I have chosen to become an Linden Anxiety Recovery Coach to help others.

I was always an anxious child even though I had moments where there wasn't any anxiety present, I still felt it lurking somewhere in the background waiting to creep up on me.

However, I still did seem to manage okay for most of my childhood, only occasionally did I experience anything scary created by myself and I think that was after frequent viewing of horror films and the fear of what others thought. I think I was an easy target for bullies in school because I was extremely sensitive and nervous.

My performance at school was heavily affected by the way I felt and the way I ‘perceived’ the world. I was so paralyzed by my own creation of fears that I slipped down the groups of "intelligence" that I think this also made me more anxious because I was terrified of what people thought about me for being in the lower grade groups. I knew deep down that I was intelligent but all of my intelligence was channeled through a dark and stormy sea of fear.

It wasn’t until my teenage years when I really experienced intense psychological suffering and this frightened me so much at first. I think a lot of emotional pain was built up due to the death of a loved one and a pet but also because of my past... this happened very suddenly and my mindset took a crumble.

I was really shocked because I didn’t know what on earth was happening to me, It just got worse and worse. I stopped seeing people, I stopped visiting different places, even just speaking to people on the phone and texting people seemed pretty scary. I was even worried about trivial things, things which were completely irrelevant to anything, I just didn’t worry about anything like that before.

I was in college at the time of my spell with high anxiety and I was really enjoying the course, it was a sport course which I was thoroughly interested in. Eventually I just had to call it quits and leave the course which I was extremely frustrated with, but I just couldn’t seem to cope with anything and going to college was terrifying, at least it was to me.

I think my issues got worse simply because I wasn’t living in acceptance of them, I was just wishing they were gone, like you would do because it seemed pretty normal to fight against anxiety, however this just strengthened my fears.

After consistent online research, my family and I decided to purchase a well recommended anxiety elimination program which was The Linden Method. I was at a point of complete desperation and I think that I put so much pressure on myself for overcoming my fears that, to start with, I had a few setbacks with TLM. However, I never gave up. Charles story resignated with me and I knew that if he could come back after 27 years of suffering then I could too.

This is the key to any success in life - NEVER GIVE UP!

Before finding this, I visited the doctors, mental health therapists, counselors, CBT practitioners, EFT practitioners, hypnotherapists and so on.

But none of this worked, at least it didn't for me.

So, Why did I decide to become a LAR Coach and young person’s Ambassador?

The reason why I have decided to become a Linden Method Anxiety Recovery Coach is because I know exactly how anxious sufferers feel and I know exactly how to help them overcome their anxieties by following The Linden Method. I knew pretty much straight away what I wanted to do when I overcame my anxiety condition - Help you folks!

I have a burning desire to help as many people out of the darkness and into the light because the suffering and the nightmarish reality that anxiety disorders create is completely unnecessary and curable!

I am living proof that The Linden Method really does work. You can and will be free from anxiety disorder!

Trust me to help guide you to a full recovery.

I now have a tremendous lust for life am now the person I always wanted to be thanks to TLM. If you would allow me, I would like to help you feel this way too. Please complete the form below or feel free to give me a call.

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