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Address: Chestnut Road, Redditch, Worcestershire
Telephone: 07795842686

About Me:

Hi, my name is Craig Ansell and I am your local LAR Coach.

I have worked within The Armed Forces and Prison Service for the past 24yrs; a predominantly stressful environment. I can honestly say I know what stress is and how it effects the body and mind. However, I never realised that I would, one day have to deal with my own anxiety. I was always so strong and could deal with anything that life had to throw at me. Due to the lack of support and understanding within my work place, I never knew what was wrong with me until I came across The Linden Method. All became clear after reading about Charles Linden, I couldn’t believe it, I had actually suffered with many of the same symptoms that Charles Linden himself had suffered with.

This was the turning point for me as I knew I could now become anxiety free using The Linden Method. Looking forward with excitement in getting my life back I enrolled in one of the residential retreats that Charles and Beth facilitate to help people like you, become anxiety free. During this I absorbed all that was passed onto me and found this to be very productive and empowering, all of which enabled me to regain my life back. Within weeks I was back to my normal self and enjoying life once again.

You see my life had been in quite the dark place, not only for myself but my loved ones were suffering too. After attending the residential Retreat I now realised my passion was to help others who were suffering in those same circumstances. No one should have to go through what me or my loved ones had been through. After speaking with Beth Linden about my future and newfound passion, it wasn’t long before I was working towards being an LAR Coach.

Now as a qualified LAR Coach my desire is to help others overcome their anxiety related symptoms as well as helping those who are beginning to show signs of stress. Through coaching and supporting clients by giving them the tools to empower themselves in regaining structure and fulfilment once again in their beloved lives.

Call for a free telephone consultation with me to determine your suitability for LAR Coaching, please click on this link below, complete and submit the short online questionnaire and I will be in touch very soon.

Kind regards, Craig

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