Catherine Colegrave - Accredited LAR Practitioner

Address: Tewkesbury Ave, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 5LQ
Telephone: 0208 1085905

About Me:

Hi, my name is Catherine Colegrave and I am your local LAR Coach.

Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m passionate about helping my clients to overcome their anxiety disorder and create a fulfilling, fear-free life. Having suffered with anxiety myself I know all too well how it can affect many aspects of your life including your career, relationships, health and confidence. Anxiety can be completely debilitating, all consuming and relentless, however, it’s 100% curable when treated in the right way. I’m a mum of three children and after a life changing event my world as I knew it fell apart, I became anxious, fearful and felt utterly broken. Everything I previously enjoyed like going out for dinner, work, socialising became a source of fear and I spent so much time and energy trying to fix myself. I’ve experienced many different therapies in order to get rid of own my anxiety including CBT, NLP, Hypnosis and tapping amongst many others. I’ve also spoken to many people who’ve tried many weird and wonderful things in their desperation to be anxiety free. It’s only when I practised The Linden Method that I truly began to understand why I was keeping myself in the anxiety loop.

Anxiety is the inappropriate manifestation of the emotion of fear that gives rise to a number of, so called, anxiety disorders, such as GAD, panic disorder, disturbing thoughts, agoraphobia, etc. The good news is that recovery is possible. My role as an LAR Coach is to guide you through The Linden Method programme of recovery. I’ll be here to support and guide you through your journey leading you to freedom from your condition.

I’m deeply passionate about helping others to overcome their anxiety condition using The Linden Method, not only has The Method got rid of my inappropriate anxiety, but it’s helped me to lead a more balanced and fulfilled life. I want every sufferer to know that they don’t have to live with their condition or suffer in silence, it can be eliminated easily and permanently in order to become the person you want to be and live your life to the full.

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